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Marine Insurance

Make sure your freight is covered when it is on the move.

There are many different Marine Insurance policies that may assist you to protect your cargo or vessel through the entire door-to-door journey, be it by sea, road, rail and air.

Carriers Protect
This insurance covers cargo whilst in transit. It is flexible, with multiple options and designed by people who understand logistics. This may assist in Commercial Transport

Combined Cargo
This insurance may assist if you are sending or receiving cargo overseas or within Australia. Available for a one off use, or multi use over a 12 month period.

Home & Contents in Transit
Moving home? Get cover for your contents or other specified goods for loss or damage whilst it is being moved.

Inland Cargo
If you are moving cargo around Australia, this insurance is for owners or the sender or receiver of these goods.

Mobile Phone & Portable Computers
Cover your phone and portable computers for accidental loss or damage within Australia. This insurance covers it both in location and in transit.

Tools of Trade
Got tools or stock in trade to cover. This insurance covers you for loss or damage.