Godfrey Partners General Insurance Home and Contents Insurance

Home & Contents Insurance

It’s your home, and it should be a relaxing place to be. And while we can’t mop the floor or do the ironing, we can provide cover for your home and contents. Home and Contents will suit you if you either own and live in your own home, or are tenants and need to insure your contents.

The ‘what if’s’ are what make life exciting and different from day to day. But when it comes to your home and contents, it’s important to protect against unexpected surprises, leaving you to focus on the ‘what if's’ that make life fun.

Benefits include:

  • Flood is cover as a result of rain, storms, rising rivers, flash floods and flooding from faulty household items and pipes
  • Regardless of the age of your home and contents they are replaced with new for old
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Legal Liability cover
  • Cover for your contents in hotels and holiday houses

We also have optional extras you can choose to meet your needs:

  • Home and contents accidental damage
  • Motor burnout
  • Protection for your portable contents whilst your away from home
  • A strata unit mortgagee’s interest