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Business Insurance for tradies
Time’s a precious commodity in any profession and if you are a small business owner whether that be a tradie or something else, a small business owner needs an insurance solution that is tailored specifically to them.

 It means you can keep your eye on running your own business.

We can’t help you juggle orders, deliveries, rent, medical research, customer queries or your next GST payment, but we can worry about what might happen tomorrow so you can focus on what’s happening today.

It’s important your livelihood and your lifestyle are protected and we can choose from any of the following options:


If someone breaks into your premises using forced and violent entry, you are covered for the theft of stock, tools, other business contents and electronic equipment in your building.

General Property
Cover for items of your choice such as mobile phones and laptop computers, whether you’re in the office or anywhere in the world.

Business Interruption
Business Interruption Insurance covers you for loss of gross profit or gross rentals following an interruption to your business, which was caused by an insured event including fire or burglary, etc.

Glass Breakage

You’re covered for the replacement value of broken glass including the cost of temporary shuttering, replacement of sign writing and repair of plastic signs (limits apply). Any stock damaged by the broken glass is also covered at the cost value.

Public and Products Liability
Your legal liability for personal injury or damage to property due to an occurrence connected with your business is covered where you are at fault.

Fraud and Dishonesty
You are covered for the loss of money or goods due to any act of fraud or dishonesty by your employees, whether they are acting in collusion with others or alone. This fraud and dishonesty needs to be discovered during the insurance period.

Goods in Transit
Loss or damage to your goods in transit is covered against specific events.

You’re covered for loss or theft of money from certain locations. Any loss of money caused by accounting or clerical errors or theft from staff is not covered.

Equipment Breakdown
Your mechanical or electrical equipment is covered, as well as certain electronic devices.
Tax Audit:
Your professional fees, including legal and accounting fees, associated with a business tax audit are covered.