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At Godfrey Partners we specialise in providing tailored wealth management solutions as well as servicing general insurance needs.

We work together with clients to ensure their lifestyle needs and goals are met and also assist clients to protect their assets.

Our personalised approach and tailored advice assists clients maintain, manage and increase their wealth. We also assist clients manage general insurance risks and provide peace of mind.

Since 1981, Godfrey Partners has developed a wealth of experience and knowledge about the financial services and insurance industries and quite honestly, a real enjoyment of caring for our clients.

We are completely focused on improving our client’s financial wealth and security, providing cover for insurance risks and most importantly being there for our clients in times of need.


We know that our clients work hard for their wealth and accumulation of assets such as property, vehicles etc.

We want them to think about precisely what they truly want from life. That way, we can put their money to work in order to help achieve those aspirations. Protecting accumulated assets with general insurance is equally important. This starting point sets us apart.

While there’s a lot of noise in financial planning around ‘wealth creation’, there’s not much discussion as to why. Once you know ‘why’, we can help you get there.

Three ways to help you get there;

  1. Attaining life’s goals – we focus on what’s best for you
  2. We ask ‘what’s next’ – we empower you on your life journey
  3. Partners for life – we’re with you for the long haul.

The financial success of our clients is not only proof of our abilities as wealth managers; it brings us all a lot of satisfaction. To enable financial independence leaves us with enormous pride.

With general insurance services, we review a client’s requirements and ensure that we provide relevant advice and solutions to cover the requirements in the event of an unfortunate event occurring.

Whilst financial and insurance advice can be complex, we simplify it using clear and transparent communication. Clarity means you can make more informed decisions.

Financial Advice


Our services are tailored around our client’s needs. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their needs and provide them options that then best service those needs.

We meet with our clients on a frequency requested by them. Through implementing our structured service approach we ensure clients get the right solution. We keep client’s financial and insurance plans on track.

Our client’s needs are essential; the service we provide is always personal and firmly focused on the needs of each individual client.

We nurture strong, personal, professional relationships and are committed to meeting client needs.

We pride ourselves in assisting our clients to make informed choices regarding any financial or insurance needs.


Our Team

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General Insurance Specialist


General Insurance Specialist

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